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Mercer Blend
Mercer Blend
Kanubo Mercer Blend Coffee 10oz.

Mercer Blend

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Mercer Blend whole beans coffee

Mercer Blend light roast coffee is known for its smooth, delicate flavor and aroma. Light roast coffee is typically roasted for a shorter period of time than medium or dark roast coffee, which allows the coffee beans to retain more of their natural flavors and aromas.The flavor of light roast coffee is generally described as bright, lively, and fruity, with a delicate aroma and a smooth, clean finish.Mercer Blend is a blend of coffee beans from various regions, which is typically created to achieve a specific flavor profile. light roast to highlight the unique flavors of the individual beans.It is often used as a base for espresso-based drinks, as well as for brewing coffee by drip or pour-over methods.

Flavor Profile

  • Intensity: 6 of 10
  • Light roast
  • Notes of Roasted coffee, chocolate, light fruity. Medium acidity and creamy body.


  • Selected beans from South America, Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia

Additional Information

  • Net Weight: 8 OZ
  • Ingredients: Whole Coffee Beans
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

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