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About Kanubo Coffee

We are four best friends, and as we travel through life's trials and tribulations together, one thing has always brought us together; our love of catching up and supporting each other over a cup of coffee.

Some people drink coffee because it keeps them awake, while for some it is a daily ritual, and for us it is all that as well as a moment to slow down and connect with each other and sometimes just connect to ourselves and our own purpose and intention.

We are four women with different interests but passionate about one same thing – coffee. Having completely different personalities allowed us to come up with flavors that match our and our customers’ varying tastes.

How did we come up with this idea of Kanubo Coffee? 

Ka comes from the essence of the soul in ancient Egyptian religion, while Nubo means spiritual upliftment to the clouds. Kanubo Coffee is a realization of one’s quintessential being, raising one’s spirit high up to the clouds, marking the finest value of life. And with every cup of our coffee comes a spiritual journey that we want to share with our customers. 

Our coffee matches our vibe, Kanubo Coffee helps us raise our vibration so we can show up as our best selves and soar to great heights. 

Our coffee beans are meticulously grown and harvested from the higher grounds of South and Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Each location produces premium coffee beans with their own distinct flavors.  

Every sip is an experience, every cup a journey. The mere smell of our perfectly blended coffee roasts can transport you in the calmest state of your inner being or in your most vibrant mood.

It is easy to make a habit out of drinking coffee, but specific flavors and aromas can give us the perfect comfort we yearn for. Everyday we choose a particular flavor to drink, one which we think would help us get through the day. That’s why we continuously work with equally-passionate people to make Kanubo Coffee everybody’s cup of comfort.

From our coffee beans, to ground coffee, and to capsules, we understand our customers’ lifestyle demands and palate preferences.

We believe that there’s a purpose in every cup. And it is our motivation to ignite that purpose through our full-bodied coffee with rich aroma and just the right level of acidity. 

Start and end your everyday journey with us and discover the finest flavors of Kanubo Coffee.


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