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Flatiron Coffee Blend
Flatiron Coffee Blend
Kanubo Flatiron Blend 10oz.

Flatiron Coffee Blend

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Flatiron Blend whole beans coffee

Flatiron blend medium roast coffee is a type of coffee that has been roasted for a shorter period of time than dark roast coffee, resulting in a coffee with a lighter brown appearance and a more balanced flavor profile,  and is usually characterized by a more pronounced sweetness and a moderate level of acidity.

Flatiron blend  is having a smooth and well-rounded flavor, with a light body and a moderate level of acidity. It may have notes of chocolate, nuts, and other flavors that are developed during the roasting process. Some people prefer light roast coffee for its balanced flavor , more caffeine and moderate acidity. Flatiron blend  is a good choice for those who want a coffee with pleasant aromatics, smooth and rich balance.

Flavor Profile

  • Intensity: 6 of 10
  • Light roast
  • Notes of Roasted coffee, chocolate, light fruity. Medium acidity and creamy body.


  • Selected beans from South America, Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia

Additional Information

  • Net Weight: 8OZ
  • Ingredients: Whole Coffee Beans
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

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