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Vietnamese Authentic Coffee Beans | Kanubo Coffee
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Vietnamese Authentic Coffee Beans

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Vietnamese Authentic Coffee Beans, 
medium roast 10oz
Origin: Vietnam, Central Highlands
Altitude : 500-1300m
Process: Wet Hulled, Sun Dried
Flavors:  sweet, fruity flavors and delicate aromas
Intensity: 8-10
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place
  • 100% Recyclable packaging

Vietnamese coffee is known for its strong, bold flavor and heavy body. It is typically made with dark roasted beans, which are ground finely and brewed using a traditional Vietnamese coffee filter, called a phin. The coffee is often served with sweetened condensed milk, which adds a creamy, rich flavor and balances out the acidity of the coffee.

Vietnamese coffee is typically grown in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, which has a humid, tropical climate that is well-suited to coffee production. The coffee plants in this region are often intercropped with other crops, such as rubber trees and pepper plants, to maximize land use.

There are several different types of coffee that are grown in Vietnam, including Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. Arabica coffee is known for its sweet, fruity flavors and delicate aromas, while Robusta coffee is known for its bold, full-bodied flavor and high caffeine content. Liberica coffee is a less common variety that is known for its strong, woody flavor and low acidity.

Vietnamese coffee has gained popularity around the world in recent years, and it is now widely available in coffee shops and supermarkets. It is often used in specialty coffee drinks, such as iced coffee or coffee cocktails.

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