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Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee | Kanubo Coffee
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Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

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Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee Beans
Medium Roast
Origin: Tanzania, 
Altitude : 1100-1600m
Process: The coffee is carefully processed and roasted to bring out its unique flavors
Flavors:  notes of citrus, berries, and tropical fruit
Intensity: 6-8
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place
  • 100% Recyclable packaging

Tanzanian Peaberry coffee  beans are a naturally occurring variety of a rounder and smaller than regular coffee beans. They are formed when a coffee cherry produces just 1bean instead of 2, resulting in a denser, more flavorful bean.It is known for  bright, fruity flavors and a medium body. It is typically made with Arabica beans  grown at high elevations in the country's mountainous regions. 

The coffee plants in Tanzania are often grown under the shade of taller trees, which helps to protect the coffee plants from direct sunlight and allows them to grow slowly, resulting in a higher quality beansTanzanian peaberry coffee is typically grown using sustainable farming practices, such as water conservation and pest management techniques that minimize the use of chemicals. 

The coffee is carefully processed and roasted to bring out its unique flavors, which may include notes of citrus, berries, and tropical fruit.Tanzanian peaberry coffee is also popular as a single origin coffee, which means that it is served on its own, without any blends or additives.

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