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Coffee Roast Guide

Dark Roasts: This type of coffee is created by roasting beans at a higher heat than medium roast coffees. Dark roast coffees are usually bold in flavor and have a stronger, smokier taste than other roast types.

Medium Roasts: Medium roasted coffees are created by roasting beans at the middle heat. They are not as dark in color as dark roasted varieties, but this doesn't mean they lack in flavor! These coffees provide a fuller body and more balanced flavor than light roasted varieties.

Light Roasts: Light roasted coffee is made with beans that have been roasted at the lowest temperature, so these varieties will often be lighter in both color and taste when compared to other roast types

Different roasts can affect the taste and flavor of coffee.

Light roast is typically lower in caffeine and has a more delicate, balanced flavor than dark-roasted coffee. Dark roast is often bolder, with a stronger and sometimes more bitter taste than light roast. It takes longer to create a dark-roasted coffee, as it needs to be roasted for a longer time at higher temperatures. The roasting process brings out different flavors such as chocolate or caramel.

Medium roast is the most popular type of coffee because it offers the perfect balance between taste and caffeine. It has been roasted for less time than dark-roasted coffee but longer than light-roasted coffee, which makes it perfect for people who like mild flavors and plenty of caffeine.

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